Jeffrey Perry, is an Integrative Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and licensed RT. With over thirty years experience working in medicine he combines his personal healing experiences with his traditional work experience in hospital and OR settings.

A two-time kidney transplant patient, two near death experiences, and a cancer survivor; he brings decades of experience, insights, and knowledge using Integrative Medicine and introspection. A native of upstate New York, Jeffrey has lived in Marin County, CA since 1994 working with a variety of physicians and health care professionals at Bay Area surgery centers and hospitals. In addition to training at Duke Integrative Medicine as an Integrative Health Coach he is also a licensed Radiological Technologist where he spent twenty years specializing in pain management. He also spent two years honing his intuitive medicine skills with an osteopathic physician in Santa Cruz, CA. He is a graduate of Global Relationship Centers where he learned mastery of personal and professional relationship empowerment skills based upon Dr. Alfred Adler’s work. He also served as a chaplain and board member for Unity In Marin Church.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2001 with less than a week to live, he was sent home to die peacefully with hospice. He then healed himself during a self-realization. He has a passion for combining traditional medicine with spiritual and holistic practices. He also has an interest and passion for working with chronically or terminally ill patients. He feels there is never a more poignant time in a person’s life when they are faced with severe pain or health challenges. It’s a privilege and honor to work with these people.