Attivo can store and access medical images securely in the cloud with a comprehensive cloud-based image storage and management solution. Attivo allows images to be stored on a short- and/or long-term basis in the cloud so your archive can grow as your capacity requirements increase.

Let Attivo’s extensive background and experience in image storage and management take the work load off of your facility, while allowing easy access and great backup services to all of your facilities images.

Contact Attivo today at:

(888) 375-5006 or for all your image storage and management needs.

Let us do everything from storing and protecting your images to reducing your IT and storage management expenses.

What Attivo Can Do For You:

Securely Store Any Image
High-availability, high-security cloud framework meets HIPAA, HITECH and other regulatory requirements

Share Images with Others
Images are available anywhere, any time and are easily shared when given access.

Decrease Onsite IT Storage Management Costs
Pay only for the storage capacity you need and reduce onsite IT storage management costs.

Protect Image Data
Data is well guarded through built-in backups and disaster recovery.

Ensure Image Backup
Attivo Archives second copy (copy 2) provides imaging backup, in the cloud, across servers, ensuring your patients images are available and accessible.