Attivo Healthcare has over 20 years of experience in providing quality assurance in radiation equipment and safety programs. Our facilities trust in Attivo to keep them up to date on all regulations and safety education for facility staff.

Our Radiation Safety Program provides a comprehensive CMS compliance system that satisfies all Medicare requirements with section well as California Title 17.

Failure to comply with Radiation Safety regulations is a serious offense governed by Federal, State and Medicare agencies. Penalties and fines can be steep. Non-compliance or problems found during an unannounced inspection could immediately shut down your facility until corrected. Additionally, accidental or over exposure of a patient involving radiation is a reportable event and could put your facility at risk for serious liability issues.


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Our program provides the following:

  • A Radiation Safety Program supervised by our qualified Radiologist in accordance with section 482.26 (c) (1)
  • Standards for patient safety and personnel safety in accordance with section 482.26 (b)
  • Radiation exposure monitoring in accordance with section 482.26 (b) (2)
  • Supervised inspection of equipment in accordance with section 482.26 (c) (1)
  • Radiation Safety education for staff
  • Semi-annual protective wear and lead safety checks
  • CMS required signage
  • QA report of all necessary maintenance and documentation
  • Quarterly Facility Audits
  • Weekly QA testing of radiation equipment as required by state and CMS regulations
  • Annual physicists calibration and dosimetry inspections required by state and CMS regulations
  • Assistance with qualified service engineer
  • Assistance with purchasing of Radiation Safety Protective Wear and Shielding